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Have you ever felt alone? Like one wants you or even know that you are even alive? Have you ever had people call you thinks that hurt you really bad? Will I know I have!!!! It can be hard and it can hurt!!!! It is very sad!! 😦 But I know that you can pass all the pain and move on. Just tell yourself that you are NOT what those people say you are!!!!!!!! You are NOT ugly, NOT fat, NOT mean, NOT a nobody, ect(anything that they have called you)!!!! You are beautiful, you are worth it, you are perishes, You are loved, ect!!!! Stop listening to the things that people are telling you that is bad!!! Don’t hurt yourself and just move on!!!!! They don’t know the real you!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD made you and HE loves you more then you will ever know!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 HE tells you that you worth more then gold and that you are more perishes then ruby’s!!!!!!!! Yes I’m also talking to you guys!!!!!!!!!!! You are worth it to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone has a perpush on this world. GOD loves everyone more then we will ever know!!!!!! Please don’t listen to what people say about you(unless it is good!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!! If you need to talk then please comment below or pp me!!!!!!!!! I will talk to you and I’ll listen to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us work through this together!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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