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Some of my notes from this message:

1) What if I was so in Love(with JESUS) that I was fearless? 1 John 4:19
2) Even through I may see _________, that doesn’t change the fact that JESUS already bought my _______!
3) No matter what is going on in my life, and while I wait, I will do everything I can to move closer & keep that Love connection with my FATHER! It is all about HIM!
4) GOD is NOT scared(and there is NO fear in HIM) of anything in my life! HE is NOT intimidated by any of it! HE is bigger and HE can handle it!
5) What if I operated in life according to what I know of GOD and hear HIM speaking instead of what I see?!
6) The longer I fearlessly live in that tensions! The longer I can stand in that place of boldness of what I know(The Word of GOD) vs. what I see! The more  dependent I become on JESUS, the more I grow intimate and Love for HIM! The more I love HIM, the less those circumstances that I’m facing have any power of control over me! 




Some of my notes from this message:

1) Stay connected
2) Don’t worry about what people say
3) Impassions

4) Offended heart
5) Fight for Love connection
6) Love is alive and active! Love is GOD!
7) JESUS is in Love with me!
8) Don’t let anything stop the fight of the Love relationship fight
9) GOD wants to give me HIS Love! Will I receive it? YES!
10) Be passionate about spending time with GOD!
11) Have the want to go deeper into GOD’S Presence and Love! 

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