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Long Time No Bloging

Hey Everyone,

Okay I know it has been a long while since I have bogged on here. I am so sorry for that but life has just been getting in the way. Not an excuse but still. So I wanted to let you guys know on some things. I am praying and seeing what the LORD wants me to do with this blog. To be honest with all of you, in a few months I will not be having internet access at my finger tips that I know of like I do now. So I will probably not blogging on here at all. Know I will not know about the internet still next month but I want to give you a heads up.

Most of you may know that I have another blog. That one I am updating once a week(or trying my best to). When I found out about the internet then that is the blog I will be working on and probably not this one. I know sad but like I said, I’m praying and seeing what the LORD wants me to do. I will let all of you know when I know. Also if you want to follow my on my other blog you can. It is called TeenFaith777: (It is not letting me link it. 😦 Oh well) So you an follow me there. I also have an instagram that I’m very active on. It is called: Jesusrunsmylife (Still wont let me link it.) It looks like this:

insta.jpg It is open to anyone that looks me up.

Now I am NOT saying you have to follow me. I am just letting you know. Once I see what the LORD has I’ll let you know. Until then I pray you all are doing good blessed.

GOD Bless,



My Thoughts

Can I be honest with you??? Yes!!! Thanks!!!!!

Okay life can be hard, life can be sweet, life can stink, life can be funny, and sooooo much more. One minute you are happy and then the next you are down. You can be happy and then upset. Life is not all sweet like what we want. Because I’m going thro that right now. I can be upset and then happy and then back to being upset. I hate it!!!!! I look to people for help when I know I should go to JESUS. I need to look to HIM more then anything else. It can be hard at times cause of what is going on in your life but I have too!!!! I can’t let people rule my life. I can’t let people run my life. I can’t worry about what people will think or say. I have to live for JESUS and let HIM run my life. HE tells me what to do!!!! HE is the best thing that has happen to me and I know it will be the best thing that will and can happen to you!!!!

JESUS My Everthing

So much on my plate. So much to do and not enough time to do it in. How can I make it? How can I keep from crying? I have it all and I have no clue what to do. How can I keep up? JESUS is the answer. HE knows how. HE tells me how to make time, HE shows me what I need to do, HE loves me sooo much to help me. I love HIM sooo much. I would not go back to living my own life. I will live and serve HIM all my life. JESUS I AM YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Is All About JESUS

Sometimes I feel like I’m this follower!!! Standing alone with no one to stand with me! Then I think of JESUS and how HE stood alone!!! Then I know that HE is with me and I’m NOT alone!!!!!! I just look up to the sky and thank JESUS for being there!!!! 🙂

My Journal

My life is not perfect. I have feeling and problems. Yes I’m a Christian but that doesn’t mean that every thing goes GREAT!!!!! I keep in the Word, I keep praying!!! It can be hard at times but JESUS is holding my hand and walking with me. I’m NOT alone. I have HIM!!!! HE is my life source. There are times I wish it could be different but it isn’t. GOD doesn’t allow bad things to happen to me and I will NEVER blame HIM for anything. But satan hates me and he try’s to get me down. Will it is NOT going to work. I have JESUS and I have read the end of the book. I know what happens and I know that I’m an overcomer!!!! (1 John 4:4). I JESUS with all my heart and I’m NOT looking back!!!! HE is with me in the hard times! HE is with me in the easy times! HE is with me in between time! HE will NEVER leave me and HE will NEVER forsake me!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

My Thoughts

I don’t understand why people want to be someone else! Why you want to make accounts on alot of website clamming that they are the real persons?! I don’t get it!!!! Then the person that has an account can’t be them selves because other people are saying that they are them. In real life most singers/actors/actress don’t have more then a twitter or instagram. So most of the people that are on the other websites are rp. Be your self and not someone else. Everyone is taken but you!!!!

My Thoughts

Why can’t I be famous? Why can’t I travel the world? Why can’t I be a famous singer? Why can’t I be a famous movie star? Why can’t I have a famous Brother/Sister/Cousin? Why can’t I be that person? Why can’t, why can’t?? I don’t know about you but I know I’ve asked myself this alot in my life. I wish some of it would come true! But It won’t! I finally talked to JESUS about it and ask HIM to help me. HE told me that HE made me and that there is NO one is like me!!!!! HE told me that I’m one of a kind!!! He made me with a plan in mind for my life. It may not be famous, traveling the world, have famous people in my family, or being like someone else. HE told me that if I lived for HIM then I’m already famous!!!!! Famous in HIS eyes!!!!! HE loves it when we live for HIM and do what HE wants!!! HE has a plan for my life and for yours. The only question is: Will you live out HIS plan no matter what??

My Thoughts

Have you ever felt alone? Like one wants you or even know that you are even alive? Have you ever had people call you thinks that hurt you really bad? Will I know I have!!!! It can be hard and it can hurt!!!! It is very sad!! 😦 But I know that you can pass all the pain and move on. Just tell yourself that you are NOT what those people say you are!!!!!!!! You are NOT ugly, NOT fat, NOT mean, NOT a nobody, ect(anything that they have called you)!!!! You are beautiful, you are worth it, you are perishes, You are loved, ect!!!! Stop listening to the things that people are telling you that is bad!!! Don’t hurt yourself and just move on!!!!! They don’t know the real you!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD made you and HE loves you more then you will ever know!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 HE tells you that you worth more then gold and that you are more perishes then ruby’s!!!!!!!! Yes I’m also talking to you guys!!!!!!!!!!! You are worth it to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone has a perpush on this world. GOD loves everyone more then we will ever know!!!!!! Please don’t listen to what people say about you(unless it is good!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!! If you need to talk then please comment below or pp me!!!!!!!!! I will talk to you and I’ll listen to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us work through this together!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

My Thoughts

I want JESUS more then what has happened in my past!!!!
I want JESUS more then the questions that are unanswered!!!!
I wans JESUS more then what is going on in my life right now!!!!
I want JESUS more then what is going to happen to me!!!
I want JESUS more then anything!!!!!!
I want JESUS more then anything!!!!!!

My Thoughts

JESUS is the LORD of my life and I’m in love with HIM!!!!!! 🙂

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