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Kavita nominated my other blog for this award but the teenfaith777 blog is GOD’S blog I’m putting this award link on this blog!!!

So first I would like to thank Kavita for nominating me!!!! Thanks girl!!!!!!! 😀  Okay so here are the rules:

Post the award image to your page: Okay did that!!!

Answer the questions:

1) Favorite color:
Well let me see! I like pink, purple, turquoise, and lavender.

2) Favorite animal:
Dogs, cats, and horses.

3) Favorite number:
7 (It’s GOD’S number!!!! 😀 )

4) Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink:
Water and unsweeted-tea

5) Favorite Alcoholic drink:
Don’t drink alcohol!

6) Favorite facebook or twitter:
Blogs, I don’t have facebook or twitter. I have youtube though!!!

7) My Passions:
Spreading the love of JESUS CHRIST!!!!

8) Giving or receiving gifts:
Both but I REALLY like giving gifts!!!!!

9) Favorite city:
Well I don’t know!! I really like alot of places!!!

10) Favorite TV show:
Hawaii Five-0 (the one that ran from 1968-1980!!), Dragnet, Adam-12, The Six Million Dollar Man. (Yes I like the old shows ALOT better then the ones on today!!!)

Nominate 10 other blogs and let them know they are nominated: Okay will do!!

1) Hadassah
2) Britt
3) Natalie
4) Sierra
5) Hannah (Through My Keyboard)
6) Julie
7) Asia
8) Hannah (ChristianLife429)
9) Sarah
10) What Life Really Is

Again I would like to thank Kavita for nominating me and congratulations to all the nominees!!!! 😀 Talk you all very soon!!!!!!!!!!

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