My friend wrote this and I think it very good!!!! It is also very helpful to know!!!!! Please read it!!! 🙂

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^^^^^ This is something you may never here from a depressed person.

But tell me what is depression. According to different people it means different things.

According to Google 🙂 Depression is:
– disinterest in daily activities
– persistent sadness or empty feeling
– drastic change in sleeping patterns
– significant weight gain or loss
– lack of concentration
– fatigue
– suicidal thoughts or behavior

Ok so if just one of these apply don’t worry you aren’t depressed but if it’s 2-3 then you just might be.

I’m going to explain each part of depression so you can really understand and if so get some help

Disinterest in daily activities
—– this is the first point. I know watching tv they show depressed people and how they just stay inside all day and look gloomy and that is depression but then my sister is like…

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