I’m just your average, not-so-average girl
The only way to shine like a star
Is to realize whose you are
You were created to go far (?)
Baby, doesn’t matter what you look like
If you have JESUS on the inside
Cuz everything that you need, in your life
Ay, ay, ay, ay

You know is DOES NOT matter what you look like if you have JESUS in your heart!!!! 😀 😀

I’m not saying that we need to dress or act like the world but it DOES NOT matter what other people say about you. If you are GOD’S child then you are more then gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!



About TeenFaith777

Hi! I teenfaith777, I'm here to help tweens, teens, and young adults to get on fire for God. John 14:6: Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father, but by Me.

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Feel free to leave a coment if you want. I would appreciate if you keep it clean or I will NOT publish it! Thank you! GOD loves you and so do I!! ~TeenFaith777~

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